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DiversifYA: Natalie Blitt

Today, I’m so happy to welcome the amazing Natalie Blitt to the blog! Natalie is a newly-agented author of heartbreaking YA and NA, one of those people who make the writing community such a happy place to be, and an allround wonderful person. (So you should probably follow her on Twitter!) 1. How do you […]

DiversifYA: Seth Z Herman

Happy Monday! Today we have the ridiculously talented Seth Z Herman on the blog! Seth writes YA/F/UF, teaches Judaic Studies at an American seminary in Israel, is a musician and a stand-up comic. He’s repped by Brittany Booker. Seth tweets here, blogs here, and you can find out more about his music here. Go on, […]

DiversifYA: KK Hendin

Today, we welcome KK Hendin to the blog! KK writes amazing YA and NA*, fangirls over people (there is no better pastime!) and reviews MG for Bookalicious. In KK’s Twitter profile, as you can see, she is quite mysterious, all invisible in front of a gorgeous bookcase. That doesn stop her from being awesome though, […]