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DiversifYA: Sara Gaines

Sara Gaines is the author of the Halvarian Ruin series, a LGBTQ YA series from Harmony Ink. In the first book, Noble Falling, Duchess Aleana Melora is facing a loveless marriage to a man she hardly knows. When her convoy is attacked, Aleana discovers that her people have turned against her, believing her to be a traitor. If […]

DiversifYA: Sandi Beth Jones

Today, Sandi Beth Jones joins us! Sandi is a writer, a high school technology facilitator, and an NBCT librarian. Her debut YA fantasy is about a biracial girl (and Gullah descendant) who falls in love with a British boy who acts “mad, bad, and dangerous to know,” just like his father’s literary favorite, Lord Byron. The […]

DiversifYA: Mark O’Brien

Everyone! I’m very excited to have Mark O’Brien here today, for his very first DiversifYA interview! Mark is a writer of *amazing* YA and a contributor at Bookalicious. And if you’ve followed Mark on Twitter–or on his blog–you’ll know he has been quite outspoken about dealing with mental illnesses, which is something I appreciate so […]

DiversifYA: Ellen Rozek

Today on DiversifYA, Ellen Rozek joins us! Among other things, Ellen writes amazing YA thrillers and YA dark contemporary, and she also happens to be extremely lovely. Follow her on Twitter here and read her blog here. Ellen joins us today to talk about living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Tourette’s, both disorders that […]

DiversifYA: Michelle Smith

Today, we welcome Michelle Smith to the blog! Michelle is a YA writer and nerdfighter, and author of the fabulous KINGDOM COME (May ’13), an apocalyptic YA with a fantastic cast of diverse characters and the forthcoming PLAY ON (Spencer Hill Contemporary, 2015). She’s represented by Lana Popovic at ZSH. Once you’ve read her very […]