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DiversifYA: Audrey Crass

Today, the wonderful Audrey Crass joins us! Audrey is a writer, equestrienne, and 2013 Lambda Literary Foundation Fellow. And, as those at #QueerRT14 can attest, she’s many kinds of amazing. Her latest manuscript, a YA fantasy about a princess who falls in love with her fiancé’s sister (and lights a few things on fire along […]

DiversifYA: Anonymous

DiversifYA can only exist by virtue of all of you stepping up and answering questions. It’s an awesome and brave thing to do, and it isn’t easy. It’s especially not easy when you’re still figuring things out, and for that reason, I’m so incredibly proud of today’s interviewee for adding his voice to our collective […]

Introducing: the DivYAQnA

Introducing the very first DivYA Q&A, a new, hopefully-helpful monthly feature where you, the writer, get to ask questions of people who identify with minorities. Worried about getting it wrong? Scared to ask the awkward questions? Want to discuss deeper issues? DiversifYA’s got your back. So. Without further ado, the DivYA Q&A: QUILTBAG editon… [View […]

DiversifYA: Julie Sondra Decker

Today, we have the wonderful Julie Sondra Decker at DiversifYA! Julie writes fantasy, YA, science fiction, speculative fiction, and nonfiction (with a focus on asexuality awareness activism). Julie is an asexual activist, pseudonymously for the most part (with a pretty big following on YouTube and Tumblr). She’s appeared in a documentary, on the radio, has […]

RT: Diversity and sexuality, part six

Today’s final part of our DiversiTheme discussion about diversity and sexuality centers around recommendations. If you want to add any of your own recommendations, we’d love to hear them! What are some of your favorite YA books that deal with both sexuality and diversity?  Marieke: My favorite books are the ones where characters just happen to […]

RT: Diversity and sexuality, part five

We’re down to the last three questions of our discussion and the response so far has been absolutely amazing. Thank you all! Today, we’re looking forward to what we’d like to see in terms of sexuality and diversity in YA lit. Thursday, then, we’re sharing our recommendations with you and we’d LOVE to get some […]

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