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DiversifYA: Jessie Devine

I’m so excited to welcome Jessie Devine to the blog today! In case you don’t know Jessie yet (you should probably rectify that), he is an awesome writer of equally awesome sounding (dark) YA. He joins us today to talk about his experiences with being genderqueer. After reading his fantastic answers, you know you’ll want […]

DiversifYA: Suzanne van Rooyen

Today on the blog: Suzanne van Rooyen! Suzanne is a publicist at Entranced Publishing, YA / SFF / LGBT author (among others the stunning OBSCURA BURNING), peanut butter addict, blogger at YAtopia, and on top of all of that also runs a fantastic blog that include the new feature QUILTBAG heroes: “showcasing QUILTBAG role models […]