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DiversifYA: Tristina Wright

Tristina Wright is a blue-haired bisexual with anxiety and opinions. She writes super epic queer YA SFF, and I can’t wait for her books to hit shelves someday, so you can all experience her amazing words too. <3 Until then, you can find her on Tumblr, her website, and Twitter. 1. How do you identify yourself? Bisexual/Biromantic […]

DiversifYA: Lucinda Murray

This week on Diversif YA, we’re taking a brief break from our other scheduled interviewees to put our newest team member, Lucinda Murray, in the hot seat. Lucinda is a librarian-in-training, creative writing teacher and easily distracted writer, also known as a Busy Person. She’s passionate, articulate, writes gorgeous fix-the-world fantasy, makes the best cups of tea, […]

DiversiYA: Anna Zabo

We’re returning to our new! improved! scheduling with an interview with my agent sister, the wonderful Anna Zabo. Anna Zabo writes contemporary and paranormal romance for all colors of the rainbow. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which isn’t nearly as boring as most people think. She also publishes non-erotic fiction under her real name. Follow her on Twitter […]

RT: Diversity and sexuality, part six

Today’s final part of our DiversiTheme discussion about diversity and sexuality centers around recommendations. If you want to add any of your own recommendations, we’d love to hear them! What are some of your favorite YA books that deal with both sexuality and diversity?  Marieke: My favorite books are the ones where characters just happen to […]

RT: Diversity and sexuality, part five

We’re down to the last three questions of our discussion and the response so far has been absolutely amazing. Thank you all! Today, we’re looking forward to what we’d like to see in terms of sexuality and diversity in YA lit. Thursday, then, we’re sharing our recommendations with you and we’d LOVE to get some […]

RT: Diversity and sexuality, part four

…continuing on from part three of our round table discussion, we’re talking about diversity, sexual stereotypes in YA fiction, and the responsibility of the writer. Cait: I do want to respond to Kayla here though: I agree that female characters absolutely can have depth without trauma or abuse, especially sexual. On the other hand, though, […]

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