Ring out the old, ring in the new

DivYADearest readers,

I’ll be honest, I planned to write this post weeks ago! But things have been happening in diversity land — due to a certain We Need Diverse Books fundraiser — and frankly, I’ve been swamped.

Which is exactly the reason for this post. Over this past year, we’ve had *many* *amazing* posts. Interviews, discussions, a few Twitter chats, new connections and new plans to get excited about. We have more of those good things lined up for 2015! VERY exciting good things, even! We’re so thankful for all of you!

But winding down on the old year and preparing for the new means we all need a little breather sometimes. So this month and next, DiversifYA will be taking some time off. We wish you a wonderful end to 2014, happy holidays of all sorts, and joy and inclusive stories for 2015.

See you in January!



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