DiversifYA Returns!

DivYAfrontFriends, Romans, Countrymen… you may have noticed our long and unexplained absence. Perhaps you mourned our regular interview posts which once diversified your morning reads. Perhaps you wondered where that mostly-persistent Twitter voice went.

We’re sorry. There’s been a fair bit of life stuff happening for your DiversifYA team: book sales, book releases, WNDB efforts and festival plans, and, if I’m honest, at least half of the team has been suffering from burnout. We’ve not forgotten you though, and in these silent months we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to bring you bigger and better things.

We’re finally and excitedly back! Hellooooo!

Things are going to look a little different around here, with Monday interviews setting up a theme for the week (starting next week! Yay!). There’ll be lots of opportunity for you guys to engage, via the comments and Twitter – where we’ll be discussing relevant topics all week. We’re hoping this new streamlined approach will allow us to explore deeper and wider, to be better informed. And we’re hoping you’ll come along with us.

It should also give us the space to bring you lots of cool extra content, of the highest quality – roundtables and QnAs, special guests and focus posts. We’ve done some of this before, but always squeezed in around the interviews. This should give it room to grow.

Finally, we welcome in this new phase with a new, wonderful member of the DivYA team. She’s passionate, articulate, writes gorgeous fix-the-world fantasy, makes the best cups of tea and is indescribably lovely. Folks, please welcome, Lucinda Murray.

We’re so glad to be back. See you on the barricades!

Sarah, Marieke & Lucinda.

One Response to DiversifYA Returns!

  1. Hooray! Glad to see you guys starting this up again, the interviews and discussions here are always so wonderful.