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DiversifYA: Sara Gaines

Sara Gaines is the author of the Halvarian Ruin series, a LGBTQ YA series from Harmony Ink. In the first book, Noble Falling, Duchess Aleana Melora is facing a loveless marriage to a man she hardly knows. When her convoy is attacked, Aleana discovers that her people have turned against her, believing her to be a traitor. If […]

DiversifYA: Summer Heacock

Summer Heacock–also known as the super amazing Fizzygrrl–is a writer, wife, mother, geek. She is a force of nature online (if you haven’t read her blog posts, you really should change that) and off (as a member of the Midwest Writers Workshop Planning Committee, for example). Summer alternates between talking like a Disney cartoon character and swearing […]

DiversifYA: Heidi Heilig

I’m super delighted to welcome fellow Sweet Sixteen Heidi Heilig to the blog today! Heidi grew up in Hawaii where she rode horses and raised peacocks, and then she moved to New York City and grew up even more, as one tends to do. Her favorite thing, outside of writing, is travel. Her debut novel, THE […]

DiversifYA: Ben Abbott

Ben Abbott is a freelance writer who’s worked with, GamesRadar and FUNdays Club (a local child care service ), gaming blogger, and short story writer. Over on GamesRadar, he’s written a fantastic article about OCD and mental health representation in games, which is very much worth a read! Follow Ben on Twitter here. 1. How do […]

DiversifYA: David Gillon

Today, the wonderful David Gillon joins us at DiversifYA! I’m particularly excited about his interview because David was one of the first other bendies I met, and getting an insight into his experiences was such a recognition to me (yaay, representation!) I also had the chance to meet David at LonCon this year, and I can attest […]

DiversifYA: Sandi Beth Jones

Today, Sandi Beth Jones joins us! Sandi is a writer, a high school technology facilitator, and an NBCT librarian. Her debut YA fantasy is about a biracial girl (and Gullah descendant) who falls in love with a British boy who acts “mad, bad, and dangerous to know,” just like his father’s literary favorite, Lord Byron. The […]

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