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DiversiYA: Anna Zabo

We’re returning to our new! improved! scheduling with an interview with my agent sister, the wonderful Anna Zabo. Anna Zabo writes contemporary and paranormal romance for all colors of the rainbow. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which isn’t nearly as boring as most people think. She also publishes non-erotic fiction under her real name. Follow her on Twitter […]

DiversiTheme: The Invisible Orientation

Today, we’re so delighted to have Julie Sondra Decker back at the blog! Julie joined us a little while ago to talk about asexuality, and today she’s back with a fantastic guest post. She’s also celebrating the publication of her fantastic non-fiction book THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION: an introduction to asexuality. Follow Julie on Twitter here! […]

DiversifYA: Peter Monn, part one

Peter Monn is a life coach, author of young adult novels, one half of the online entertainment magazine, raannt, and a Huffington Post Gay Voices guest blogger. Prior to being a life coach and author, he worked as a counselor at an adolescent, residential treatment center. His debut YA novel, The Before Now and After Then, released earlier this year. His favorite pastime is […]

DiversifYA: Audrey Crass

Today, the wonderful Audrey Crass joins us! Audrey is a writer, equestrienne, and 2013 Lambda Literary Foundation Fellow. And, as those at #QueerRT14 can attest, she’s many kinds of amazing. Her latest manuscript, a YA fantasy about a princess who falls in love with her fiancé’s sister (and lights a few things on fire along […]

DivYAQnA: gender edition

For this month’s DivYAQnA, the fabulous Jessie Devine joined us to answer all your gender minorities questions. Check it out below… [View the story “DivYAQnA3: gender minorities edition” on Storify]

DiversifYA: Teresa Santos

We love it when posts lead to connections that lead to more posts. Remember that TIDES giveaway from a couple of weeks ago? I’m so excited to introduce the winner here today!  Tessa is a full-time geek and spare time Biology student with a penchant for fairytales, photography, and cats. When she is not busy […]

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