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DiversifYA: Eunice Cívico

Eunice Cívico is an English major with a passion for period clothes and houses, well mannered gentlemen and vintage aesthetics. Writing is a huge part of her! Whenever she’s not plotting how to bring more sorrow to her protagonists or deciding who to kill, she is googling whether tearing human flesh makes a sound, how fast blood flows from […]

DiversifYA: Sandi Beth Jones

Today, Sandi Beth Jones joins us! Sandi is a writer, a high school technology facilitator, and an NBCT librarian. Her debut YA fantasy is about a biracial girl (and Gullah descendant) who falls in love with a British boy who acts “mad, bad, and dangerous to know,” just like his father’s literary favorite, Lord Byron. The […]

DiversifYA: Veronique Martin

We’ve got something pretty special for you today. Veronique David-Martin is the kind of person you can lose hours with. She thinks widely and deeply, and is frankly far too lovely and well adjusted for someone who exposes so much darkness in her fiction. She writes in French, so you’re all going to want to […]

DiversifYA: Tawney Bland

Today on the blog, we have a fantastic interview to share with you all! Set partly in a location where one of my WIPs is set–and a location I’d love to visit someday. So join us as Tawney talks about being a blonde Eskimo, and finding part of her heritage in Alaska. Tawney is one […]

DiversifYA: Anonymous

DiversifYA can only exist by virtue of all of you, stepping up and answering questions. It’s an awesome and brave thing to do, and I know from experience it’s not easy. Sometimes though, circumstances prevent us from attaching our names to these answers. Family, community, job, stigmas. It makes me incredibly proud of this community […]

DiversifYA: Lisa T Cresswell

Lisa T. Cresswell joins us on the blog today! Lisa is a Great Basin archaeologist and the author of middle grade fantasy trilogy THE STORYTELLER SERIES and the upcoming YA novel HUSH PUPPY (how good does that sound?). Lisa joins us today to talk about growing up in a non-traditional family, and she has some wonderful […]