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DivYAQnA: gender edition

For this month’s DivYAQnA, the fabulous Jessie Devine joined us to answer all your gender minorities questions. Check it out below… [View the story “DivYAQnA3: gender minorities edition” on Storify]

DivYAQnA: disability edition

DivYAQnA is back, this time focusing on disabilities, with a special guest-host, Kayla Whaley. You probably know her from Twitter/writeclub/ Disability in Kidlit/ this blog. So you already know how great this discussion was, right? You should read it anyway. [View the story “DivYAQnA 2: disabilities edition” on Storify ]

Introducing: the DivYAQnA

Introducing the very first DivYA Q&A, a new, hopefully-helpful monthly feature where you, the writer, get to ask questions of people who identify with minorities. Worried about getting it wrong? Scared to ask the awkward questions? Want to discuss deeper issues? DiversifYA’s got your back. So. Without further ado, the DivYA Q&A: QUILTBAG editon… [View […]