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DiversifYA: Susie Day

I’m super excited to introduce you to this week’s interviewee. She’s as utterly badass as she is lovely, has written a bazillion books, bringing us funny and real and diverse, all tangled up together in a way that feels utterly normal. She brought us Mum Gen & Mum K in the Pea books and Sam […]

DiverifYA: Coco Nichole

This week, the lovely Coco Nichole joins us on DiversifYA! Coco writes Multicultural YA lit and other short stories. She has a degree in English Education from the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga. She teaches High School English Language Arts. When Coco isn’t writing or telling stories, she is spending time with her fiance, […]

DiversifYA: Brandi M Ziegler

Brandi M Ziegler joins us at DiversifYA today! Brandi was my (Marieke’s) PitchWars 2014 mentee and she’s a extremely talented writer and all-round wonderful person. You can find her on Twitter and on her blog! 1. How do you identify yourself? The short answer is black. But I also identify as a woman, a mom, and […]

DiversifYA: Nathan Scott

We’ve got a bit of a special diversifYA interview this week, because it comes from one of my (Lucinda’s) students. I’m lucky enough to get to teach on writing courses with some truly incredible teenagers, and I’m really excited to be able to introduce one of them to you today. Nathan Scott is a fantastic writer, last seen working […]

DiversifYA: Sara Gaines

Sara Gaines is the author of the Halvarian Ruin series, a LGBTQ YA series from Harmony Ink. In the first book, Noble Falling, Duchess Aleana Melora is facing a loveless marriage to a man she hardly knows. When her convoy is attacked, Aleana discovers that her people have turned against her, believing her to be a traitor. If […]

DiversifYA: Jenn Baker

Today, Jenn Baker is here at DiversifYA! Jennifer Baker is a writer of fiction & nonfiction, creator of the Minorities in Publishing podcast, and one of the wonderful Sr. VPs for We Need Diverse Books, where she’s getting some really exciting stuff done. Her writing appeared in Newtown Literary, Boston Literary Magazine, Eclectic Flash, and […]

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