Where can you find us?

The DiversifYA team is always happy to discuss or talk about diversity in YA, diversity tropes, and, of course, DiversifYA! Over the last couple of years we’ve roamed around the internets and you can occasionally spot us IRL too!

DiversifYA — and the DivYA team — around the internet

November ’12 – Diversity in YA, YA Misfits

February ’13 – Writing Characters with a Disability, YA Misfits

May ’13 – Announcing: DiversifYA, YA Misfits

June ’13 – On the Other Side of the Window – Diversity in YA, Off the Page Blog.

July ’13 – Memories of Infinity, Disability in Kidlit.

August ’13, Worldbuilding, Queen of Contemporary

November ’13 – The Other YA, Opening Line Literary ‘Zine.

March ’14 – The Trope of Curing Disability, Disability in Kidlit.

April ’14 – Research: the essential Marmite, YA Misfits

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