Do you want your stories to be rich and real? Drawing on experiences that aren’t just what we know, but what we don’t know yet?

Do your characters to represent the world around you? The world we see and live in every day? A world that’s weird and wonderful?

Do you want your stories to be about us, all of us? Without Othering experiences and people?

Do you want to diversify your YA?




DiversifYA is a collection of interviews focused on all sorts of diversity and on all marginalized experiences. It’s our response to Othering characters, the “them” versus “us”. Above all, it’s our response to never quite recognizing ourselves in stories.

DiversifYA is a tool, an introduction, for all writers who want to their stories to represent the diverse reality around us, and for all writers who never considered diversifying their stories. Allow us to convince you that the world is so much richer than the world we often read about.

DiversifYA is our way to show you: diversity is all of us. Diversity is reality. We all have shared experiences, no matter how different we may be. It’s those differences makes us all unique and can make this world amazing. It’s about time more stories reflected that.


We hope you have an awesome time here. We hope you leave inspired.


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